Friday, April 23, 2010

Please, seriously, stop crying about immigration laws...

Honestly, over the last few years, with all the protests and the rallies and the garbage I have had to hear on the issue of illegal immigration (because that's the real issue), I thought I had just about enough of it all. I felt immune to it all now, as if I had been somehow inoculated against the stupidity. I didn't think I could possibly get more pissed off at the issue. And then today, President Obama, in response to Arizona's new immigration enforcement bill, opens his big mouth and echoes the idiotic rhetoric I was so tired of hearing. STOP IT! PLEASE! I BEG YOU TO STOP IT!

Here's what's on my mind...

1) America has the right to, you know, require people to actually enter the country legally. I know, I know, it sounds like a crazy concept, but it's true. Please, by all means, try to enter other countries illegally and then live and work there. Let me know how it goes. The reality is, the federal government has dragged its feet on the issue for way too long. So, I certainly don't blame Arizona for doing something about it. In fact, I commend them for doing so. Good for you. Hopefully, other states will follow suit.

2) If you, either as an immigrant or defender (legally, spiritually, whatever) of immigrant rights, honestly believe that America is so damn corrupt, why are you here? Why? All I keep hearing is that laws like these will somehow now fire up witch hunts or something, and we'll be just beating Hispanics in the streets. What freaking world are you living in? Seriously? Again, if you really believe that, why are you? Get I know I would if I believed some nonsense. Fortunately, I'm not insane.

3) This is an offshoot of my second thought, but this mini-rant deserves its own number. Please stop making this issue about "immigrants." No one is "attacking" all immigrants. This is about illegal immigrants. Stop trying to meld the two issues together, so that you can garner sympathy.

4) Obama should be absolutely ashamed of himself for coming out so quickly and denouncing the law, especially when his administration has dragged its feet on the issue just as much as the previous one. Of course, he isn't ashamed of any of the other crap he pulls, so it's not like I should expect him to suddenly grow a conscience


  1. My problem is that it is an ineffective law that will only cause racial profiling.

  2. Though we try to skirt around the issue, profiling is how you catch criminals. If you're looking for mobsters, you don't go and watch African-Americans. If you're looking for gang-bangers, you don't go and watch Italians. And if you're looking for illegal immigrants, you're not going to watch some Nordic gentlemen. That's the way it is.